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A-Z Challenge 2016: D is for Daisy Blanche Murch 1892

Daisy Blanche Murch was born in late 1892 in Greinton, Somerset, England.  The youngest girl of six children, she can be found on the 1901 census, living with all her siblings, her parents (Albert Charles Murch and Ellen Harrington Murch) and her maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Wood, in Greinton.

Her father, Albert Charles, was a farmer from Chilton Polden, also in Somerset.  Her mother, Ellen, was the only 'foreigner', having been born in Tiverton, Devon.  Also in the house were a visitor, Charlotte Salter, and a servant, eighteen-year-old Fanny Godfrey.  The farm was quite large, being 380 acres and, in Albert's father's time, needing eight men to work it, although fifty years previously it had been a third of that size.

By 1911 Albert was no longer farming the land, and he, his wife, three of the children had moved into Bridgwater, 17 Queen Street to be exact.  Daisy Blanche is recorded as a student at eighteen years old, which suggests she may not have been at school, but at college or even university.

She features in the Murch Surname Study.

Further details of Daisy Blanche's life are covered by a 100-year privacy rule.
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  1. Thanks you for letting us know about her.


  2. Quite unusual for a girl of that age and era to still be a student.



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