Thursday, 21 April 2016

A-Z Challenge 2016: R is for Robert Murch 1687
Robert is my  7 x great grandfather.  He is also one of my ‘brick wall ancestors’.  A ‘brick wall ancestor’ is usually an end-of-line ancestor – the furthest back you can go on one particular line; you’ve looked and looked and looked, and you just can’t find a connection to go further back.  Robert lived in Ottery St Mary, Devon, England (I think).  He certainly married there: 24 December 1712 to Elizabeth Bastone (whose parents were Gideon and Mary Bastone).  He certainly had children there: Mary 1713, Elizabeth 1716, John 1718, Gideon 1721, Robert 1723, and Josiah 1725.

But as for his parents?  Well, there’s a Robert christened 22 February 1682, with parents Robert and Dorothy.  And there’s another Robert, with father Emanuell.  Which one do you think is ‘my’ Robert? Or should I just keep looking?

Robert features in the Murch Surname Study
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