Thursday, 28 April 2016

A-Z Challenge 2016: X is for eXtended Family
You've been spending ages (possibly years) working on your own family tree, and in fact genealogy is getting a little bit stale.  That's how I was beginning to feel, after 30 years of research.

Enter the Murch One Name Study (also known as a Surname Study).  Think of the times you have searched through a parish register, line by line, and discounted those with different given names or in different locations as being 'not yours'.  Well in a Surname Study - they're ALL 'yours'!  Suddenly you go from having tunnel vision to having a whole new extended family.  And, far from cramping your style, it makes you realise just how many folk are (or were) out there who are just as deserving of your love, care, and attention.  You don't so much develop different ways of researching - it's just that everywhere you turn, you are guaranteed to find individuals and families who belong in your Surname Study.  And then you can look at your own biological ancestors with renewed energy.

You have extended your horizons.  It's wonderful!

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