Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A-Z Challenge 2016: Q is for Queenie Gladys Noyse Murch 1901
Queenie Gladys is one of those females that would be left out of a Surname Study by some managers.  She wasn't born a Murch, you see - but I think that she spent most of her life, and more of her life as a Murch, so I include her in my Study.

Queenie Gladys Noyse was born in 1901 in the West Ham Registration District of London (hovering over Essex at one point) to Ernest and Mina Noyes.  Since Ernest came from Bow, and Mina from Shadwell, and most of the children were born in Leyton, Essex, there was probably a distinctive Cockney accent within the home.  She married Sydney Samuel Murch in 1920 in the Thanet Registration District of Kent, England.

Queenie features in the Murch Surname Study.

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  1. Q was a challenge for me, I don't have a Queenie but I noticed that another geneablogger in the challenge also blogged about a Queenie.

    1. Q is a hard letter, I agree - but we have even harder ones coming up: x, y and z!



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