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A-Z Challenge 2016: E is for Edward Bryer Murch 1873
Edward Bryer Murch was born in the spring of 1873 to John Murch and Emily Goff in the Westminster area of London, England.  He was the eldest of five children.

On the 1881 census he was living in Brentford, Middlesex, England with his parents, siblings, Aunt Sophia and cousin Elizabeth, with the family mistranscribed by the enumerator as MINCH.  Edward's father, John, was a trunkmaker.

In 1889 there was an outbreak of influenza which killed a million people.  Edward's mother, Emily, died in 1889 aged only 42 - perhaps she was a victim.  A John Murch is also recorded as dying in 1889, aged only 39 - could this be Edward's father? The age is right. Edward was 16.

Edward's only sister, Emily Margaret (aged 10) was sent to live with her Aunt Sophia, and appears with her on the 1891 census in Tottenham Court Road, London.  Sophia is now listed as a portmanteau maker.  Maybe she took over the family business?

Edward features in the Murch Surname Study.

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